Friday, March 31, 2006

Colene's blocks

Already here ... and it's not even April yet.

(Colene's blocks are lovely and square ... my photography was not.)

April Lotto Block

Johnny Round the Corner is the choice for the April Block Lotto on the Quilting Forum. We're making these two color blocks in purples and creams.

Check out the links for Block Lotto Basics and the April Forum Discussion in the sidebar for more information.

Also check out Janet Wickell's article, Pressing Techniques for Quilters on Taking the time to press your seams will make this block easy-peasy.

And the winners are ...

Michelle, with the help of three of her children, drew the names of the March block lotto winners:




Congratulations, ladies. I can't wait to see your quilts.

Path and Stiles Block Swap

If you saw my Signs of Spring message, then you know just how much I've been anticipating spring.

Maybe that's why, when I saw this swap on the Scrap Quilting Forum, I couldn't resist: Path and Stiles blocks made in floral fabrics.

Along with the first real sign of Spring in my neighborhood, my first block from this swap arrived, from Judith. It's a harbinger of both real and the quilted version of beautiful flowers to come.

Michelle's Lotto Blocks

Michelle's blocks arrived yesterday, bringing us to a total of 52 blocks--enough for three winners.
  1. First name drawn receives a set of 20
  2. Second name drawn receives a set of 20
  3. Third name drawn receive a set of at least 12
I know there are a couple more blocks in the mail—let's cross our fingers and hope that they arrive today so their maker(s) can be part of the drawing for these beautiful golden blocks ;-)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What the Sneek-Peekers are Saying

Today, I had a long lunch with a friend and worked late to make up for it, so I didn't make it to the post office and I have no new blocks to share. But since I have been hearing from some of the sneek peekers with their reactions to next month's lotto block chioce, I can share some of what they've had to say.

"I just got a good look at the April block and I can't wait to pick out my purples!!"

"How cool those blocks look ..."

"They are a neat block and easy to make!! I really like this one!! "

"Johnny WAS much easier than dear Charlotte"

Blocks from Sue and Tracy

I woke up before the birds (and the sun) this morning and decided to make coffee and take lotto block photos ... not necessarily in that order, which may explain why these photos are a little dark. The blocks really are much lighter and brighter ... especially the one with the multicolor polka-dots that Sue made ;-)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

And now, back to our story

Each time I look at the stack of lotto blocks here, I continue to be amazed that YELLOW blocks could be so popular :-)

Along with dealing with some technical problems with my account on the the forums this weekend (and joining Coline's Penny Pincher swap), I also played catch-up, taking and posting photos. Here's the latest batch, from Cathy, Colene, Judy, Peni, Vicki and me:

With 5 days to go before Michelle draws the winners name, there are 41 blocks here and another 13 in the mail.

One more time ... with feeling

I created the Block Lotto Blog as an excuse to play with the blogs available on Delphiforums with a plan to post updates as lotto blocks arrived.

I wasn't impressed with their blog capability ... but the block lotto crowd seem to like the blog. So here we go again.

I'm also going to use this blog to keep track of other swaps, too.