Saturday, December 30, 2006

Shhh ... It's the Block Lotto sneek peek ...

Since we had no December block, so no sneek peekers, I posted the sneek peek at the January Block on the forum in the swaps-blocks sewn folder, message #48725.

We'll be making pairs of double 4-patch blocks in blue and white-and-white.

Sophie Sophie
(I made these)

These blocks go very fast and are easily made from 10" squares you may have from swaps. Hop over to the discussion on for the details.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Seasons Greetings

Here are photos of my postcards from Janet's Holiday Postcard Swap on Art Quilts. (click for larger images).

From Kate and Amy:

Kate Amy

From Janet


From Kelsey and Jennifer:

Kelsey Jennifer E.

From Tara:


From Ann and me:

Ann Sophie

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

That was the Year that Was

Spending a couple days home with a nasty stomach bug gave me time to sit with my laptop and finish moving all the lotto block photos to my Flickr set Lotto Blocks. I know that some dropped through the cracks and a few of the photos could be mis-attributed, but they are mostly there ... and it's an impressive collection of almost 650 blocks. Before we move on ... I thought we could take one last look.

We started in August, 2005, with Double Wrench blocks in cool colors. Anne made these.

Anne Anne Anne

In September, it was scrappy Watermill blocks. I made these.

Sophie Sophie Sophie

In October, Mary made these bright-on-black Strips & Squares blocks.

Mary Mary Mary

In November, we made Hard Times blocks in Autumn colors. Marsha made these.

Marsha Marsha Marsha

A year ago, in December 2005, we made Farmer's Daughter blocks. Here are three of Tracy's.

Tracy Tracy Tracy

January 2006 was a huge month with three winners of bright Home Circle blocks. Colene was one of them--and she quickly made a quilt from her winnings. Here are three of the blocks she made.

Colene Colene Colene

In February, we made Hope of Hartford blocks with a vintage 30's feel. Peni made these.

Peni Peni Peni

March surprised me with the popularity of Queen Charlotte's Crown blocks in yellows, golds and orange. Here are three of Judy's.

Judy Judy Judy

In April we learned that everyone loves Johnny. Here's Amy's Johnny Round the Corner blocks.

Amy Amy Amy

We made pretty floral Grandmother's Choice blocks with pastel backgrounds in May. Kate made these.

Kate Kate Kate

In June it was Scottie Dog blocks. Here are Janet's.

Janet Janet Janet

In July we made patriotic versions of a paper pieced block called That Thirties Thing. Laura made these.

Laura Laura Laura

In August, France won a set of Nine O'Clock blocks without making even one. She was busy getting ready for her wedding. Michelle won the other set of blocks that month. Here's three that she made.

Michelle Michelle Michelle

Goshen Star blocks were a hit in September, made from batiks on scrappy cream backgrounds. Lee Ann and Theresa made these.

Lee Ann Lee Ann Theresa

In October, we make Broken Arrows blocks, in brights on black. Here are Laurie's and Terri's.

Laurie Laurie Terri

We wrapped things up last month, with Hearth and Home blocks in scrappy red, white, gray and black. Julie made these.

Julie Julie Julie

(Click the photos for larger versions, the block names to see all the block photos for that month, and the block maker's names to see all their lotto blocks.)