Monday, December 24, 2007

2007: So Many Blocks, So Many Winners

In the 11 months of the lotto in 2007 , forum members made 1,097 blocks . . . and another 182 blocks for two charity efforts.


Photos of all the blocks can be found in my Flickr collection 2007 Block Lotto.

A total of 40 sets of lotto blocks were mailed to winners this year. A few of those have already become beautiful quilts.

Better Late than . . .

I never blogged the November blocks . . . so here they are.

Sophie Michelle Michelle Michelle Michelle Michelle Michelle Vanessa Vanessa Kate Kate Kate Kate Amy Amy Terri Kate Kate Amy Colene Colene Colene Colene Colene Colene Colene Pat Pat Pat Lee Ann Lee Ann Ardyth Ardyth Julie Julie Julie Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert

These blocks were won by Pat and Robert. Chief Elf Pat asked that all the blocks be sent to Robert so he could make something wonderful.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

When You Wish Upon a Star

Whether you know it as a sawtooth star, variable star, square and points, unnamed star, or any of the names in the two pages of its variations in Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns . . . this star block is a classic. Terri made these 8 inch blocks for the October Lotto.

Terri Terri
Terri Terri

This block has infinite possibilities. It scales easily and that big center square can be replaced by 4-patch, pinwheel, square in a square or just changed to a coordinating fabric. For more variation think half-square triangles in the corners.

Marcia Hohn has a page of 12 inch blocks on the Quilter's Cache site which are all variations on the sawtooth star. Christine is using it as the basis for a Christmas Block Swap on the Quilting Forum on I am making three sets of blocks.

Dewey's Victory Block Margaret's Choice Block Cluster of Stars Block

Even though I thought I was done swapping for the year, I couldn't resist.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quilt Pink Weekend

This was Quilt Pink Weekend. I celebrated by photographing all the blocks received so far from Quilting forum members on

These blocks were made by Ardyth, Brenda, Cathy, Chris, Colene, Debbie, Desiree, Grace, Jen, Julie, Kathi, Lee Ann, Michelle, Sandy, Suzy, Sylvia, Terri, Tracy, Vanessa and me.

They're obviously taken at different times, hence the variation in white backgrounds, but aren't they pretty?

Jen Brenda Brenda Brenda Suzy Suzy Cathy Cathy Tracy Tracy Tracy Julie Ardyth Michelle Sylvia Chris Sandy Debbie Michelle Desiree Desiree Desiree Desiree Desiree Grace Grace Grace Vanessa Kathi Lee Ann Colene Colene Colene Colene Terri sophie

I'll post more of the pink and orange lotto blocks soon.