Sunday, April 16, 2006

Making Do

This afternoon I finished the rest of the Path & Stiles blocks for the swap.

I pulled this pretty pink print with flowers and butterflies and had enough, I thought, to make the last three blocks. I forgot to cut the centers, then realized I only had enough fabric left to cut two 3.5 inch squares. After wondering if I might have/buy some other fabric to use for the center, I decided to make do and made this 9-patch center instead. I don't know if this block has a name of it's own, but I like it.

I'll be keeping this one and will likely make a few more of this variation and sprinkle them across my quilt.

Everyone else will receive a perfectly correct version of the block in one of four floral fabrics.

I've already received about half the blocks for this swap ... it will feel good to get mine in the mail and on their way to everyone this week.

1 comment:

Janet said...

I love the block with the "make do" center. I haven't looked through block books to see if this one might be named. If it isn't, it should be ;-)