Monday, October 23, 2006

That Was the Month That Was

What happened to September (and most of October)? A sooner-than-planned move, a bad case of something, an unexpected (but fun!) business trip, some more work commitments I didn't see coming, and a cat-astrophe ...

And while I was feeling like I was chasing my tail, the blocks kept coming. At the end of the month, there were 61 blocks, to split among the three winners: Vanessa, Lee Ann and Jeni, and almost none of the photos had been posted. Here's what you missed:

Theresa Theresa Theresa Kathryn Kathryn Vanessa Vanessa Anne Anne Sue Sue Sue Renae Renae Michelle Michelle Michelle Michelle Michelle Laura Laura Laura Laura Laura Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate Julie Julie Julie Julie Julie Judy Judy Judy Judy Judy Jeni Jeni Jeni Jeni Donna Donna Donna Donna Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie Barb Barb Ann

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