Thursday, July 05, 2007

Summer Posies

For the July Block Lotto, we're making these 8-inch (finished size) purple appliqué posies with yellow or gold centers.

Details can be found in the discussion on the quilting forum.

The blocks we are making this month will be machine appliqué with turned under edges. I've written up three methods which are beginner-friendly with one variation. You can find details in these three posts on my other blog, sophie junction:

Introduction - contains information about threads and stitches, describes how to prepare the background fabric for all three methods and has step-by-step directions for Faced Applique

Preparing Circles for Appliqué - describes an alturnative way to prepare the center for a faced applique flower (good information to tuck away for preparing appliqué for any circle, oval or almost circle shape).

Using Templates
- describes too other methods, both using templates. In one, you use freezer paper and glue stick; in the other, starch, an iron, and templates made from a heat resistant material.

You can also go through the step-by-step photos and their descriptions by going directly to my Flickr photo set, Notes for Machine Appliqué Posies. I think it may be a new feature on Flickr ... if, after you click the link to view as slide show, you click the "i" that appears on the middle of the screen when you roll your mouse over it, you can see the descriptions superimposed on the photos.

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