Sunday, December 03, 2006

Brainstorming the 2007 Lotto

I started a discussion on Quilting and asked everyone to brainstorm colors and themes to use for the block lotto next year. Here's the list so far:
  • I-Spy-style novelty fabrics
  • Bright stripes and polka dots
  • Blue & White
  • Colors to coordinate with a specified focus fabric (an example could be the 2007 Hoffman Challenge fabric)
  • Purple & Yellow
  • Country colors on muslin background
  • 30's repros (repeat)
  • Christmas/holiday
  • Seasonal groups (for example, oranges, rusts, golds, browns for Fall)
  • Completely scrappy (repeat)
  • Brights (repeat)
  • Orange or Pink (with extra pink blocks for a Quilt Pink charity quilt for Breast Cancer research)
  • Asian (oriental)
Come join the discussion--there's a link in the sidebar to take you there.


Anonymous said...

I am totally new at this but I was hunting for a quilt block that I would actually FINISH to hang on my wall for spring. I would love to swap retro fabrics.

sophie said...

A good place to find fabric and (sewn) block swaps in the Quilting Forum on Come check it out ;-)