Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Square & Points Quilt Block

Sophie Whether you know this block as Square & Points–it's earliest published name–Sawtooth Star or one of its many other names, this is great block to learn and easy to transpose into different size. Use it as the main block, an alternate block, a border block . . .

We made this 8 inch batik star block for the Block Lotto last year; this month, we are making them in Asian prints with coordinating tone-on-tones at 6 inches - here are some beautiful examples made by Kate and Linnea:

But since I already had step-by-step photos from last year, I'll be using those with revised measurements for making a SIX INCH block and counting on the imaginations of the Lotto Block players to see them in Asian fabrics for the star with coordinating tone-on-tones for the background.

Sawtooth Star componentsThe basic components of the block are 5 squares and 4 flying geese (FG) units. For a 6 inch (finished size) block, the measurements are:

Corner Squares (Background): 2 inch
Center Squares (Star): 3.5 inch
FG Unit: 2 x 3. 5 inch

In the FG units, the Background fabric is the "goose" and the Star fabric is the "sky." The finished size of the geese will be 1.5 x 3 inches. You can use any method to make the geese, but my preferred technique is "no waste geese." For this method, you'll start with:

Cutting for Flying GeeseOne 4-1/4 inch square Background fabric
Four 2-3/8 inch squares Star fabric

Click over to follow the steps for making No Waste Flying Geese.

Flying Geese units

Lay out the components of the block and sew the block together as a nine-patch.

Sawtooth Star Assembly

Pay special attention when you attach the flying geese unit to the center square, sew these seams with the "goose" on top so you can notice where your seam passes the point at the top at the top of the triangle and sew through the crossed seams on the FG unit.

Sewing Tip

The large center square of this block makes it easy to showcase beautiful fabrics, whether they are favorite batiks, a collection or repros from the 30s or Civil War era or some Asian inspired prints.

Kate's Asian Star #5


Indigo Blue said...

I found you via google. i am a Textiles teacher with a fashion background but I love quilting. i am taking part in a Quilting Bee and learning a lot. I really like this block, I think I will have t have a go at this one. I amm off to look further on your blog. Best wishes from the UK.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know the sizes for a 4 inch block.

sophie said...

To make a 4 inch (finished size) block, you'll need:

Four corner squares (Background fabric): 1.5 inch

One center squares (Star fabric): 2.5 inch

Four Flying Geese units: 1.5 x 2. 5 inch - if you use the no-waste method, you'll begin with:

One 3-1/4 inch square Background fabric

Four 1-7/8 inch squares Star fabric

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the 4 inch block directions.

Anonymous said...


Can you please tell me the measurements for an 8 3/4 finished block, Thank you

sophie said...

I probably could help you if I had a way to contact you. You left an anonymous comment.