Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free-style Tree Block

Four Tree BlocksI confess this idea was a Block Lotto idea reject–I liked it. but the feedback from a  couple of people from whom I solicited an opinion was that they thought it was  too simple.

Personally, I still like it and it may appear in the block lotto rotation one day . . . but in the meantime, I couldn't think of any reason not to share the block tutorial. As you might guess from my sample blocks, my original thought was to create a psychedelic forest using pairs of black and bright fabrics.

The measurements in these directions will produce a pair of 6 inch (finished size) block. The block really IS so simple that you could adapt them to produce any size and proportions you need–just start with something that is a couple inches larger than the finished size you want to produce, whether it's a smaller or larger square or a rectangle, tall and skinny or short and wide.  You can also probably imagine how to add complexity to these trees. Think of this simple block as a jumping off point to create a liberated tree . . . or a whole forest of your own.

To make a pair of 6 inch (finished size) blocks:
  1. Begin with two 8-inch squares of fabric
  2. Stack the two squares on top of each other, right sides up.  Make the first cut at least 1-1/2 inch from the bottom.This will define the bottom of your tree.

    1. Start with two squares 2. First Cut

  3. In the bottom section, make two vertical cuts near the middle, at least 1-1/2 inches apart, to create the tree's trunk.
  4. In the top section, make two angled cuts to form the tree shape.  Cut the first one, then pull the sky piece you just created out of the way before making the next cut.

    3. Make two vertical cuts 4. Make two angled cuts
  5. Swap the top and bottom fabrics for the tree and trunk
  6. Assemble the top and bottom units.  Trim even and join top to bottom.
  7. 5. Swap Fabrics 6. Sew and Trim
  8. After you have assembled the block, press and square up to 6.5 inches. Your two blocks will be identical with opposite fabric placement.

    Casual Trees

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