Monday, February 26, 2007

January Avalanche

I'm finally catching up with the avalanche of lotto blocks which arrived in January.

For a swap hostess used to swapping out hundreds of blocks, it may not seem that impressive, but January's 246 blocks were:
  • More than 3 times the previous high of 80 blocks in a single month.
  • 6 times the average number of blocks received monthly (41) during the last round of the lotto
  • More than 1/3 the total number of 10" lotto blocks we made from August 2005 through November 2006.
But enough stats ... here are the photos. Credits for each group of 16 blocks are included in the titles and tags on Flickr.

Blocks from Sophie, Sue & Maia Block from Laurie, Julie & Vanessa
Blocks from Ardyth & Mary Blocks from Vicki P., Debbie & Carolyn
Blocks from Elizabeth & Tracy Blocks from Laura & Kate
Blocks from Vicki, Colene & Amy Blocks from Sherry & Jeni
Blocks from Diana, Terri & Julie W Blocks from Sylvia, Leslie, Becky & Anne H.
Blocks from Donna & Janet W Lee Ann Blocks from Auntann,  Bonnie & Dawn Blocks from Pat K., Theresa & Pippa
Blocks from Kathi,  Susanna & Dianna Blocks from Sandy and Kathi

... and after the photo shoot ...

January blocks

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