Monday, February 26, 2007

One last look at the January Blocks

Hmm ... I didn't realize until I made this map that ALL eight of the January winners live west of the Mississippi.

(click for larger map image)

I received blocks from all the colored states (both purple and yellow). The winners live in the yellow states, so that's where the blocks are (finally) going. It's impressive ... I received blocks from more than half the states in the US, as well as from Canada, France and the UK.

Who made them? Amy, Ann, Ann, Ardyth, Becky, Bonnie, Carolyn, Colene, Dawn, Debbie, Diana, Diannna, Donna, Elizabeth, Janet, Jeni, Julie, Julie, Kate, Kathi, Laura, Laurie, Lee Ann, Leslie, Maia, Mary, Pat, Pippa, Sandy, Sherry, Silvia, Sue, Susanna, Terri, Theresa, Tracy, Vanessa, Vicki, Vicky and me.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing start to the Beginner Block Lotto this year.

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sophie said...

As soon as I posted this, I looked at the map and said to myself, This isn't right, AZ should be purple ... I guess I was too tired. I'll fix it later.