Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pinwheels in February

Unfortunately, the January avalanche overshadowed the pretty monochromatic pinwheel blocks everyone has been making for February. Colors are based on a theme fabric: the 2007 Hoffman's Challenge.

One of the things I learned this month is that these blocks are very hard to photograph well--the flash washes out the lighter fabric and in many of the photos it ends up looking white. Trust me, these are wonderful vibrant blocks.

From Allison:

Allison Allison Allison
Allison Allison Allison

From Colene:

Colene Colene Colene

From Debbie:

Debbie Debbie Debbie
Debbie Debbie Debbie

From Georgene

Georgene Georgene

From Jen E:

Jen E. Jenifer E.

From Kate:

Kate Kate Kate

From Lee Ann:

Lee Ann Lee Ann Allison

From Michelle:

Michelle Michelle Michelle

From Pat K:

Pat K Pat K Pat K
Pat K Pat K Pat K
Pat K Lee Ann

From Sandy:

Sandy Sandy

From Terri:

Terri Terri

I love these monochromatic blocks. Thanks to Kate for suggesting it ... and to AuntAnn for suggesting the focal fabric idea.

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