Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Faced Machine Appliqué

In this method, you'll add a facing to the appliqué piece. I used a lightweight interfacing with fusible on ONE SIDE ONLY (Pellon's Featherweight). You could use an interfacing with no fusible or lightweight washaway stabilizer. Some use USED dryer sheets--if you decide to go this route, Debbie Kravotil suggests putting them through the wash one more time to make sure the softener chemicals are out.
  1. Trace the shape of your flower onto the non-fusible side of the interfacing. (the interfacing can be a rough cut square that is larger than the flower pattern--with room for seam allowance all the way around.

  2. Lay the fabric right side up on the table and position the interfacing on top, fusible side down.

  3. Sew along your drawn line--ALL the way around. Trim the fabric and interfacing away 3/16-1/4 outside your seam. Clip any inside curves in the seam allowance.

    Trace and Sew Facing to Flower Trim Flower Appliqué

  4. Carefully slit the interfacing and turn your flower. Use your finger or other blunt tool to make sure the edges are completely turned and nice and smooth. If you used interfacing with fusible, DO NOT PRESS.

    Slice and Turn Right-side Out Flower Appliqué

  5. Prepare the center in the same way

    Faced Center Trim Center Slice and Turn

    Your appliqué pieces are ready to go.

    Flower and Center Appliqués ready to use

  6. Center the flower on the background square. If you are using single-sided fusible, you can press the flower onto the background --this will fuse it in place. Otherwise, pin it.

  7. Stitch around the flower. If you are using an open zig-zag, the stitch will be ON the flower, zigging onto the background. If you are using a blind hem, you'll be stitching on the background right next to the flower and the stich will take a bite into the flower. If you are using a straight stitch, you want to stitch very close to the edge.

  8. Flip your block over and cut away the background behind the flower, leaving a generous 1/4 inch.

  9. Sew flower to Background Trim background

  10. Add the center of the flower in the same way. Fuse and sew the center to the Flower fabric. Flip it over and trim away the flower fabric behind the center.

    Fuse and Sew Center Trim Back

  11. Square up the finished block and trim to 8.5 inches and you're done ;-)


    This block was sewn with clear mono-filament using the blind hem stitch.

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