Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Preparing Circular Elements for Appliqué

This Posy block was made using the faced appliqué technique, with a variation for preparing the Posy's center. This appliqué preparation works for circles, ovals and their wonky variations.

  1. Create a template from light-weight cardboard or heat-resistant template plastic. If you are making small circle appliqués, you may find a coin or washer that is exactly the size you need.

  2. Lightly trace the template on the back of your yellow/gold fabric

    For Circles (and Near Circles) Trace Template

  3. Cut out the center with a generous 1/4" seam allowance all the way around.

    Cut Center

  4. Using needle and thread, make a running stitch in the seam allowance.

    Running Stitch

  5. Place your center fabric right side down, place the template on top, then pull the thread to pull the seam allowance to the back of the template. PRESS. Allow the fabric/template to cool, then gently loosen the stitches and remove the template.

    Center Template Press

    You should have a nicely pressed center with all the edges turned under. I usually give it another press to make it nice and flat and ready to use.

    Remove template

  6. The steps for assembling the Posy block are the same as for Faced Appliqué. Center the flower appliqué on the background. Fuse or pin in place.

  7. Sew the flower to the background - on this block, I used matching red-violet and yellow thread and a zig-zag stitch.

  8. Turn it over and cut away the background (and the interfacing fused to it) from behind the flower.

    Fuse Center in Place Stitch Flower Trim Back

  9. Place the center on the flower and pin in place.

  10. Stitch center.

  11. Turn over the block and cut away the flower fabric from behind the center

    Pin in Place Stitch Center Trim back

  12. Press the block. Square it up and trim to 8.5 inches. You're done ;-)


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