Saturday, May 27, 2006

Vicki's Blocks are Here

I picked up Vicki's blocks at the post office yesterday--the pretty, minty green background of the one on the right was completely washed out by my flash:

vicki2 vicki

My post office is closed on Saturday ... since Monday is a holiday, I'm expecting the last of May's floral Grandmother's Choice blocks on Tuesday or Wednesday, when I'll be sending the list of names for Tracy to pick a couple winners. The list so far:

Amy (3), Annette (2), Colene (5), France (1), Janet (2), Jeni (3), Kate (5), Lee Ann (3), Michelle (5), Tracy (4), Vanessa (4) and Vicki (2). Do some math and add my 4 blocks and you'll get 43 blocks this month so far.

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