Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We Can't Stop Talking About Johnny

I think it started when Colene suggested combining March's Queen Charlotte block with April's Johnny 'Round the Corner. Amy, one of the winners of March blocks, created this quilt in EQ and dubbed it, Johnny Loves Charlotte.

A week or so ago, sooon after the May sneek peek email was out, Jennifer suggested that it was another block that looked great in combination with Johnny ... but she couldn't share until the official announcement was made yesterday. Here's Grandmother Choses Johnny ... it seems Johnny is not only a block that plays well with others, but has a name that inspires catchy quilt names, too ;-)

Talking about Johnny ... and playing with block ideas has caught fire. It seems we all love Johnny. Amy put together 4 more purple and cream combinations, with Algonquin Charm, Broken Dishes Variation, Dakota Gold and Mother's own. Click the small quilt images to go to Amy's full size versions in Flickr.

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